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I'm a web developer who helps businesses increase their profits with better websites and related services.

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Over seventeen years ago I developed my first website.

Since then, curiosity led me down a path mastering a variety of design and development skills that help you - from PHP to
ASP.NET, from Django to Wordpress, from CSS to JavaScript, from social media marketing to SEO, from web design to SQL data modeling, from writing
to systems analysis, from server hosting and administration to game modification development, from static
HTML pages to enterprise-level application design, and much more.

This makes me a full-stack
web developer

Your business can benefit from this diverse combination of skills.

This path wound through many different environments.

This gives me experience to help your business.

The last seven years have seen me in full-time employment - not only as a software engineer in a startup,
but also as the principal web designer in a state legislature.

I've also contracted in Google's highly competitive Summer of Code with an
international team and successfully created freelance projects for acquaintances, my college, and professors.

Now, I help businesses like yours.

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